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Important message from Employers

Yesterday, CCER met with the IEU to prepare for discussions about the employer proposal and the union’s log of claim for 2014. While the union indicated that there are many parts of the proposal which they do not agree with, the meeting did not go into detail or commence negotiations about either the union’s or the employers’ proposal.

CCER acknowledged the union’s threshold and substantive concerns while also recognising that the process of negotiations will necessarily involve change and the development of different approaches to the many issues that are in question.

It is clear that we need to listen to what you have to say and to communicate developments in a concise and accessible way. Your views throughout the bargaining process will be critical to its success and we encourage you to give your feedback and comments at the school level, on this website and to the union. CCER emphasised again to the union that the proposal is the beginning of a discussion and that our approach to negotiations will be open, interests based, collaborative and inclusive.

Formal negotiations are scheduled to commence on 1 May 2014 subject to the anticipated Ministerial and Fair Work Commission approvals.

We will keep this website updated throughout this process and welcome your feedback and comments at any time.


Important message from employers

This week, the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations presented the IEU with Catholic Employers’ proposal for a new Enterprise Agreement to apply to the majority of staff working in Catholic Systemic Schools in NSW and the ACT.

The proposed Agreement is the way in which employers seek to deal with both the issues raised by the IEU in their 2014 log of claims and other matters that we believe are fundamental to creating an industrial agreement that supports the building of strong and adaptable Catholic Schools.

There are naturally a number of questions that have been raised by staff, school leadership and the IEU. We will continue to address these questions on this website and provide further opportunities at the local level to engage on the issues that matter to staff the most.

A series of meetings have also been scheduled with the IEU to begin discussions about the proposed Agreement.

Most importantly, the employer proposal is the start of these conversations and not the final word.  Find out more.

Employers propose a fresh approach in Catholic Schools

Today, the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) presented the IEU with Catholic Employers’ proposal for a new Enterprise Agreement to apply to the majority of staff working in Catholic Systemic Schools in NSW and the ACT.
The proposed Agreement is Catholic Education’s response to the changing education landscape in Australia today and to what you’ve told us are your priorities and concerns.

Most importantly, it’s the beginning of a conversation that we would like to have with you and the IEU about the future of our schools. Click through here to find out more about what we’re proposing. Over the coming weeks, you will have an opportunity to find out more about the proposed Agreement from your school Principal. You can also engage with the conversation on the Foundations for Excellence website.


What you’ve told us

Catholic employers have indicated to the Independent Education Union (IEU) that we will respond to the IEU’s 2014 claim on behalf of school staff on 7 April. Dioceses are working through our response to the claim in the context of the Commonwealth and State Governments’ agendas in regard to funding, curriculum and teaching standards.

We are committed to responding to the IEU claim in a way that directly reflects staff concerns about rapidly changing learning environments, the importance of professional learning and development opportunities and the need for collaborative work environments which provide practical support.

To ensure we’re reflecting your views and priorities in facing these challenges, in 2013 we decided to speak to you – Catholic school staff – about the changing nature of teaching and learning. Click through to find out what you told us.

We encourage you to become involved in discussions about these issues both in terms of the enterprise agreement negotiations and as part of the ongoing discussion in your school communities.


Enterprise Bargaining for 2014

Welcome to Foundations for Excellence, a new tool designed to keep you informed about enterprise bargaining in Catholic Schools in NSW and the ACT.

Enterprise Bargaining negotiations for 2014
The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) works on behalf of Catholic school employers to negotiate pay rates and conditions for staff in Catholic Schools across the 11 Dioceses in NSW and the ACT.

Towards the end of last year CCER, on behalf of Dioceses, offered teachers and principals in NSW Catholic systemic schools a 2.27% increase to salaries. Following correspondence with the IEU, the increase was backdated to the first full pay period on or after 1 January 2014. Miscellaneous workers, school support staff and maintenance and outdoor staff employed by NSW Dioceses received their pay increases in July 2013.

As we enter a new school year, discussions will continue between CCER and the IEU on their 2014 log of claim and a new Enterprise Agreement for groups of staff in Catholic Systemic schools.