What makes Catholic Schools different?

Message: One of the stand out factors is the commitment and dedication of the teachers (not to say that there are not similar teachers in the state system), to the point where teachers often give up evenings and weekends to help in the develop faith and social justice ideals.
This new EA seems to fly in the face of all the extra efforts and commitment that the staff in Catholic school put into their work.
My question is how will this new EA enable teachers or even encourage teacher to assist with the continued development of the students that teacher have in their charge if:
- there have increased face to face time or reduced release time
- could be expected to give up non teaching time for PD and other school business
- there little pay incentive to remain in the profession, ie limiting year pay increases.
- reducing sick leave and requiring medical certificates after the two separate days of absence
- having no clear limit on class size

Furthermore it seems in the Catholic system of school we talk about respect, valuing others, compassion, high moral values and care for individual yet it seems that this EA document shows blatant disregard for these important Christian values when dealing with staff. My second question is what steps are being taken (or will be taken) by the CCER to help rectify the negative feeling amount many staff due to the publication of this document.

Response: You’ve raised a number of issues that have come up before in feedback of other staff and we’re very conscious of the concerns that you and others have. We’ve said that our proposal is the start of a conversation and in no way a take it or leave it proposition. The next few months is an opportunity to work through the issues you’ve raised and look at how we might draw on the views and experiences of all staff to create an agreement that is both innovative and acceptable to staff.  We haven’t specifically answered your questions because the sorts of issues you raise now need to be part of a discussion at the school level and beyond and we’ll use the feedback from these processes to hopefully develop a final agreement that staff will support.

Further to this, you also raised important questions about the need for consultation and you are correct – we will be shortly launching some tools which will help to create opportunities for a two-way engagement on a number of these key issues you raised.