Why is it that males are only entitled to 2 weeks paternity leave after the birth of a baby?

…It seems very backwards to me compared to other industries/companies. I know of many of jobs where the male can get maternity/parental leave. You are wanting schools to come into the 21st Century but this is not.

Response from CCER: Within Schedule F of the Agreement, you can see that we have not yet included a proposal regarding Parental Leave and Related Entitlements. It is our intention to enter into discussions with the IEU and staff about how we can update our Parental Leave provisions to bring them in line with requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009.

You are correct, a paid parental leave scheme that can be accessed by either the mother or father of a child is a benefit provided by many other Employers and is a feature of many modern workplaces. We will ensure your suggestion is noted, particularly as we move to discussing this issue in further detail both with staff directly and with the IEU.