Question about ‘existing’ teachers and the accreditation process

Question: Teachers who began teaching before 2004 are not new scheme teachers. Will they be able to retain their current rate of pay whilst they meet accreditation requirements or will they automatically drop down to level 5 (graduate teacher) pay? If not, how much time will be given to meet accreditation?

Response: There are transitional arrangements that have been put in place to ensure that no teacher would be worse off financially under the proposal – teachers would transfer to the new standards based structure based on a transitional classification framework which ensures this.

Existing teachers (i.e. employed to teach in NSW before 1 October 2004) are not currently required by State legislation to become formally accredited at Proficient standard within the NSW Institute of Teachers. As such, as part of the transition to the proposed classification framework, they will be ‘deemed’ to have met the Proficient standard (without having to formally undertake accreditation).

Existing teachers would still be expected to engage with the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers on an informal level, and comply with any future legislated requirements to attain accreditation, such as those proposed to take place in 2018.  From 2018, all teachers – new scheme or existing – will need to engage with these standards in a meaningful and relevant way as part of their professional work. You are correct, there will be a need for schools to look at ways that teachers can be supported to obtain this accreditation and these are the very issues that we will be exploring in more depth as we now enter into formal negotiations with the Union. In the meantime, more information can be found in the paper which can be accessed at the below link: