Why are REC’s omitted from the proposal?

Question: My concern is regarding the omission of the position of REC – as an REC i see my role as evolving rather than reducing in its importance with the Secondary environment.

I would like to see the role develop further as an assistant to the principal as an APRE or APRIM as in Adelaide. This role like the of Principal and AP are roles which cannot be added onto lead teacher – i see that the proposed model gives autonomy to principals to create a structure which suits their local needs – yet i strongly believe that our catholic educational context require two firm roles that being both principal and Religious leader of learning/mission and identity

Response: As you would be aware, the Employers’ proposal does not explicitly reference Coordinators, RECs or Assistant Principals. This is not because the Employers wish to unilaterally abolish all promotions positions, but because the Employers wish to engage in further discussions with employees and the union about a new framework for school-based leadership that reflects how teachers may be working in a standards based environment.

Thank you for your suggestion about how REC positions could evolve. In coming months, there will be opportunities for you to discuss specific models of leadership in our school both at a school level, Diocesan level and online. We too share your commitment to growing our schools as ‘centres of the new evangelisation’, and communities which support contemporary, high-quality teaching and learning. This is an exciting time for ideas and engagement, and working out together how we can make our schools more responsive to the changing needs of our students.

We look forward to your further participation in this conversation, particularly when we move to focus this dialogue on leadership structures.

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    1. Hello Gerard. The Agreement itself applies to the majority of staff working within Catholic Schools today – so it does not apply to CEO staff. There are certainly discussions taking place around how the CEO can better support staff in providing processes to allow constant feedback and collaboration in dealing with issues such as teacher workload. The Agreement provides clear entitlements but favors flexibility and autonomy at the school level over prescription, recognising that contemporary schools are places of constant change and innovation. The need for safety nets is something that has been clearly identified and it is these discussions that are taking place at the moment.

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