Why has Support Staff been renamed to General Staff?

Question: Why has Support Staff been renamed to General Staff? Do you think there could be some backlash with the support staff feeling as though their roles within schools have been further diminished to almost insignificant? Perhaps you should rethink the title?

Response: Firstly, thank you for that feedback – it is useful for us to know but certainly not the intention. This terminology has simply been used to reflect a greater number of staff who are incorporated in the proposal. Within the Proposed Agreement ‘General Staff’ would include those who would previously fall under School Support staff, as well as Outdoor & Maintenance and other staff who would have previously been covered by the ‘Miscellaneous Workers’ Agreement.

The framework that is proposed in the Agreement is also adapted from the Modern Award which is called: Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2010. This terminology is therefore simply used for consistency.

Please find a link to a factsheet which provides more information on what the proposal means for these groups of staff.