Employers provide terms of settlement to seek swift resolution of negotiations

You may have seen a copy of a the latest News Extra from the Independent Education Union (IEU) which again called for industrial action in our schools. This unfortunate approach highlights the IEU’s insistence on negotiating through conflict and threats, which has slowed the process considerably.

Catholic employers advised the IEU that a formal terms-of-settlement would be provided on 31 March, which we believe will be a fair and reasonable resolution of all the outstanding matters. The settlement will include:

- a standards based classification structure for teachers which is an important step in supporting and developing the profession;
- a new competency based classification structure for general employees which reflects work in today’s schools;
- a Catholic ethos provision that expresses clearly the current expectations that all staff will support the mission, teachings and ethos of the Catholic Church.

The employers’ proposed terms-of-settlement will be provided to you and the IEU on 31 March in the expectation that you will be able to vote on a new agreement in Term 2. We will ensure you are fully informed to make an informed decision before you cast your vote.

We ask that you encourage the IEU to work cooperatively and act in good faith with Catholic employer representatives to resolve any outstanding issues that may exist after 31 March and help conclude this process as soon as possible.