Industrial action called off as negotiations move towards a conclusion

The IEU has notified its members that industrial action planned for next Tuesday is suspended. This is a welcome step from the IEU and will be appreciated by all school communities.

Catholic employers have provided the IEU with a comprehensive terms of settlement which employers believe will be supported by staff.

The IEU has identified three outstanding matters. The first is in regard to reportable conduct which should be resolved following further clarification. The second issue about personal/carer’s leave appears to concern differences of view about the details which are also likely to be resolved with the goodwill of the parties. We are confident that in regard to the third issue of Catholic ethos, the clause we have now provided can be supported by both staff and the IEU.

CCER will continue to work on behalf of our Diocese to finalise negotiations which will allow you to vote on a new agreement and receive your pay increases and back payments as soon as possible.